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We Are a Group of Landscape Architects

Wiles Outdoor Lawncare is a full-service company comprising landscaping experts serving Oakland and its surrounding communities. Our company offers cost-effective and the best landscaping solutions for your residential lawn properties. The specialty services we offer are landscaping design, planning, installation, and maintenance. Over the years, we have established a reputation for exceeding the clients’ expectations through our professional, high-quality artistry and exceptional customer service for all landscaping projects you can imagine.

About Us

Over the years, Wiles Outdoor Lawncare has been a trusted landscaping partner of businesses and homeowners in Oakland. We provide the best solutions that will suffice your residential, lawn care, and gardening needs. Some of our comprehensive landscaping services include maintenance, installation, and design.

Your lawn will surely stay vibrant and stay at its best aesthetic appearance through our services. Our cost-effective designs will ensure that you will always get reliable and high-quality gardening services at reasonable prices.

Landscaping Design

Wiles Outdoor Lawncare has landscape designers and architects who provide exceptional design services. Our team of experts is keen to serve you best from layout, plant selection, design oversight, concept, and project completion. Our designs feature delicate, low-maintenance yet sophisticated landscapes specially designed for whatever type of climate our clients live.


Do you ever have a landscape that is outdated and looks lifeless? Wiles Outdoor Lawncare can transform your lawn into a whole new level. We can start from your bare ground or renovate your existing landscape and bring your landscaping vision to life. Water conscious environment might be a problem in some areas, but don’t worry. We can handle it. With our team of experts, we carefully select plants, materials, and designs specially meant for your dream landscape. Wiles Outdoor Lawncare is ready to serve and help you understand the landscaping ideas that can best work for you.

Landscaping Maintenance

With our comprehensive maintenance services, organizations, businesses, and homeowners in Oakland are always satisfied. Our maintenance services include fertilizing, bed care, mowing, trimming, mulching, irrigation maintenance, pruning, over-seeding, leaf removal, planting, tree and shrub care, and many more. Contact us for more details and maintenance options for your landscaping needs.

Services We Offer

Lawn Care Services

Wiles Outdoor Lawncare has a full range of gardening services you need. Our team of experts can create personalized plans and designs specially made for your lawn properly. We provide regular maintenance for gardens and grounds and specialize in installation, water management, irrigation services, pest removal, seeding, overseeding, and a lot more. Our professional team can make every landscaping project an extraordinary one. We offer seasonal and other adjunct treatments, and even plant a new landscape for your residential property. Through our lawn care services, we always ensure that your garden will receive the best treatment it deserves.

Residential Landscaping

Wiles Outdoor Lawncare team takes pride in its continuous, reliable, consistent, and excellent work. We make every ground care service for homeowners an extraordinary one. We always value our customers’ trust by providing them with high-quality services and putting their interests first. We always ensure that our designs make their landscaping healthy, green, and full of life. Some of the residential landscaping services we offer include lawn and bed maintenance, pest, weed, fertilization, outdoor lighting, artificial turf installation, and irrigation.

Gardening Services

Wiles Outdoor Lawncare offers top-quality gardening services. Our team consists of specialists that always get the job done right. We ensure you that your lawn will always look stunning, inviting, and elegant. The Wiles Outdoor Lawncare team creates wonders that make everyone’s head turn. We believe that you will create a healthy working environment and boost everyone’s productivity by harnessing beauty. Our gardening projects can make your garden pleasing, calm, and relaxing from bush trimming, garden mulching, clean-ups, soil preparation, and restoration. Be our partner–Choose Wiles Outdoor Lawncare.

Design. Create. Make It Happen

In Wiles Outdoor Lawncare, we believe that grounds around your business buildings or your yard must make you feel relaxed, comfortable, and full of positivity. Our team has designed hundreds of landscaping projects for homeowners and businesses. We make personalized designs for every client, and we ensure that every yard will have a unique design specifically made for the types of climate they are located in. After planning ideas for the design, we start to create and build our landscaping project. Our professional team carefully chooses plants, installs materials, and performs the tasks well so the clients will be impressed the first time they see the result. Wiles Outdoor Lawncare does not just plan and design your dream landscape– We make it happen by turning your dream into reality.

Why Choose Us

Experienced and Trained Team

Our Wiles Outdoor Lawncare comprises landscaping architects, horticulturists, and experienced team members who can execute every landscaping project well. Big, small, and challenging tasks– name it, we all get through it and do the job well.

Excellent Services

We offer full-service gardening and maintenance services. At Wiles Outdoor Lawncare, we ensure that we do our job right. We perform it by using safe and reliable gardening tools and equipment. We will assure you that every penny you pay is worth the result that you will get.

Satisfied Clients

We always believe that customer care and satisfaction are our top priorities. Wiles Outdoor Lawncare team has a full-time staff to answer all your questions, concerns, and anything you want to know about gardening services. Our dedicated staff is committed to arriving on time for every appointment. We ensure that all our services will consistently satisfy or exceed your expectations.

People Talk About Us

“Me and my husband always wanted to make our lawn vibrant. But we really don’t know how and where to start. My friend, Sarah, is really a fan of gardening . She regularly maintains her lawn so we decided to ask her suggestions so that we can start our gardening project. She recommended Wiles Outdoor Lawncare. We checked out their page and looked through the gardening services they offer. The following day, we tried to contact them and they responded immediately. On the day of our appointment, we were impressed by the outcome. But what is more overwhelming is the effort and the high quality of work they rendered. From the beginning of work up to its completion, we were really a team. As the lawn’s owner, they asked us about the design we wanted and how we like it to look. Their level of professionalism and craftsmanship is impressive. John and his team did not just care about the money we were going to pay. They also thought about our impression and how we would feel. And oh yes, we also would like to complement their clean work! Thank you Wiles Outdoor Lawncare! Your gardening service is really great! My husband and I will really enjoy our garden’s view while we are sipping our hot coffee. ”

Joanna Jones

Oakland, CA

“Since I was little, I really loved fairy tale movies. I liked how fairies would go to the garden and live there, so my love and interest in gardens grew. I decided to get a professional landscaper to design my garden. That is when I came across Wiles Outdoor Lawncare. I told them what I wanted my fantasy garden to look like. To my surprise, the outcome is exceptional. All I could say was “WOW.” I was really astonished that time. I never thought that my “dream” garden would turn into reality. I was just seeing it in movies and now I have it in my own lawn. To Wiles Outdoor Lawncare, I can’t thank you enough. I really saw the effort and the enthusiasm that you gave when you were doing my garden. I really love the design. You made my childhood dream come true. Now I can enjoy the view everyday and feel like I am in a fairytale!”

Veronica Adams

Fortworth, TX

“We would like to thank Wiles Outdoor Team. I wanted to upgrade my lawn for a long time, but I didn’t have much time, so I decided to browse the internet and look for a certified gardening service provider. As I browsed, I was able to come across Wiles Outdoor Lawncare.

I was having second thoughts since it was my first time getting a landscaping service, but I tried it anyway. The staff who answered my inquiries were very polite, and that is a big check for me since I have attempted to contact some customer service provider, and somehow I wouldn’t say I liked how they communicate. So yep, I was really into customer care. Regarding the gardening services they did, all I can say is PERFECT! I really loved the design, the color harmony of the plants… just all of it. It was our first time trying a gardening service, and it turned out well. Everything ran smoothly from customer care, design, installation, and completion of the project. I appreciate all your efforts to make our landscape dream happen. My family and I are going to enjoy our garden. My kids would surely like to play and roll around our healthy and lovely garden.”

Samantha Bowman

Oakland, CA

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